Dealing with Resistance to Elderly Care in Port St. Lucie

Many families are content with taking care of an elderly parent or loved-one. But when your parent’s health begins to decline, they will require special medical attention. Most families aren’t properly equipped to deal with a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia. That’s why it’s important to seek elderly care in Port St. Lucie immediately.

Not every elderly person is willing to accept care from a stranger. Many still have the strong desire to live independently. But what can you do if you’re facing resistance from an elderly relative? How do you help someone who doesn’t want any assistance? It’s problem facing many households today. First, it’s important to determine whether your loved-one requires elder care in Port St. Lucie. If they are suffering from memory loss along with physical and mental impairments, it’s important for them to receive senior care in Port St. Lucie as soon as possible.

When dealing with this type of conflict, it’s important to put yourself in the other person’s position. Nobody wants to relinquish their privacy and freedoms. As human beings, many of us are set in our ways—particularly senior citizens. Just breaking a normal routine can be a difficult transition. It can make your loved-one feel vulnerable and even angry. But it can also bring a tremendous amount of guilt to for the elderly person who suddenly sees themselves as a burden to their family. If they’re stubborn and suffer from mental illness it can only make the conflict even more challenging. So how do you approach your parent or loved-one about enrolling for elderly care in Port St. Lucie? Here’s a quick checklist.

  • Make a determination on what type of help they need and which care services in Port St. Lucie provide the best assistance.
  • Select a time and place when your loved-one is calm, relaxed and ready to talk. Shouting or displaying anger only makes the situation worse.
  • Ask your parent or loved-one what type of elderly care in Port St. Lucie they prefer. Even if you don’t agree with your parent’s suggestions, it’s important to listen to their considerations.
  • Find help from other family members who may be able to convince your parent or loved-one to seek assistance
  • Always be persistent. If your parent doesn’t want to discuss the topic the first time, try again later.

Always Best Care Senior Services is committed to helping families find the best elderly care in Port St. Lucie for their loved-ones. Their caring professionals can help place the elderly in senior living communities as well as assisted living communities. For those who want to live independently, Always Best Care Senior Services can also arrange for home care in Port St. Lucie. To learn more about providing elderly care for a loved-one, call Always Best Care Senior Services today.

Home Care Providers in Port Saint Lucie Can Make a Difference for Your Family

Every day, families in Port Saint Lucie are faced with the difficult task of caring for an elderly loved one. When someone you love begins to require more care as they age, it is understandable to feel responsible for them and want to care for them all by yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes your beloved elder requires more care than you can give. When your elderly loved one requires round-the-clock care or specialized medical care, you may not be the best person to provide this type of care. This is where an experienced senior care professional can step in. Not only can a professional provide highly individualized and skilled care, he or she can help free up your time to cultivate a more personal relationship with your elderly loved one.

When you take advantage of professional home care providers in Port Saint Lucie, you can rest assured that your loved one is well taken care of. When you know that your beloved senior is receiving the best care possible, you can stop worrying about playing the role of caretaker and instead focus on spending time with your senior while offering emotional support to them. By leaving the more difficult aspects of senior care up to the professionals, you can escape much of the pressure that comes along with helping someone you love perform basic daily functions like bathing, grooming, and preparing meals. You can also relax knowing that you are no longer responsible for any medical issues that your elderly loved one may suffer from. Making sure that someone you love is taking the proper prescriptions and is receiving the right medical treatments can be exhausting for anyone who is not fully trained and prepared to handle that type of situation.

In-home care providers in Port Saint Lucie can be extremely helpful to families that are equipped to care for their elderly loved ones to a certain extent. It is not physically possible for one person to care for another individual every second of every day. When you are unable to provide assistance to your elderly loved one, you can relax knowing that you can rely on a highly trained and experienced senior care professional. At Always Best Care, we specialize in helping the people of Port Saint Lucie find the best home care providers available. When you contact us and tell us what type of care your beloved senior requires, our experienced staff can put you in touch with a home care provider that can make the caregiving process much easier. Whether you are in need of full-time senior home care in Port Saint Lucie, or you only need someone to stop by once or twice a week, we can find someone that is a perfect fit for your elderly loved one and your entire family. Call us today at (772) 919-7315!

Always Best Care in Port St. Lucie Can Connect You to Potential Senior Care Homes

Do you need help taking care of your elderly parent or loved one? That’s understandable. You may be trying to juggle taking care of your own children, keep up with your home mortgage, pay all your bills, and still have time to assist your elderly parent with daily activities. It’s ok to say, “I need more help.” You should consider contacting Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie.

Since 2010, Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie has been connecting families to potential senior care homes in Port Saint Lucie and other surrounding cities. This company is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. Their friendly and caring staff speaks a total of three languages – English, Spanish, and French. Always Best Care has become one of the most trusted providers of senior care needs. They have a network of independently owned partners that offer assisted living, in-home care services and skilled elderly care for seniors.

Always Best Care Senior Services’ staff has a sheet passion for helping the elderly stay safe, independent and live their dignified lifestyles. With Always Best Care, your loved one will be courage to practice independent living in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Your parents will feel comfortable in one of the senior living communities around the area. Always Best Care Senior Services has an office in Port Saint Lucie. Their office is located on 1391 NW St. Lucie West Blvd, Suite 125, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986. Call Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie at (772) 919-7315 and set up an appointment for your complimentary care consultation.

At the complimentary care consultation, you and a Care Coordinator will meet and talk about the following important topics:

  • What special requirements and care you are searching for your elderly loved one
  • How a care plan will be written and acted out
  • What type insurance will be accepted at a senior housing in Port Saint Lucie

Many of Always Best Cares’ customers and clients love the attention that is given to each senior at their senior living communities. Always Best Care believes in the important of providing choices while maintaining the highest standards for living arrangements, care and service. Always Best Care connects them to senior care homes that are of the highest quality. They do more than offer information and assistance. They offer an easy way for your loved one to live independently, be cared for daily, and still feel good about themselves. Call Always Best Care today!

Port Saint Lucie Company Offers Affordable Senior Care

Ok, you have already established that you need help taking care of your elderly parents or other family member. Now you are ready to find the right place for your loved one. Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie connect with affordable senior care homes, making it easier for you to select the right place for your loved one. Since 1996, Always Best Care has been transforming the way people in Port Saint Lucie have thought about senior housing.

Always Best Care Senior Services is partnered with a variety of select senior living communities. The communities are known as their assisted living partners and it is through their assisted living partners, Always Best Care is able to provide housing and assisted living referral services at absolutely no charge. With these free referral services, Always Best Care in Port Saint Lucie is able match their clients with the top three or four senior care homes that offer the most appropriate living options for your loved one. The senior care homes that are selected are based on the seniors’ individual needs, budgets, and custom screenings. The families of the seniors may select one of the communities recommended to them, or they can choose not to select one.

You will be very pleased to know that Always Best Care also offers the seniors Alzheimer’s and dementia care. They even offer 24/7 telephone access to physicians and Philips Medication Dispensing Service. Philips Lifeline Emergency Medication Alert is one of the best personal response systems for seniors. It helps prevent slip and falls or other drastic injuries from taking place.

It can take some time to find a senior care home in Port Saint Lucie if you do it alone. With the assistance of Always Best Care, that process can go faster and much easier. Call Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie today at (772) 919-7315. You will be given the opportunity to speak to a Care Coordinator and schedule a free no-obligation consultation. Give your loved one the privilege to live in a well-kept senior living community with nothing but the best care possible.

Exceptional Exercise Available at Always Best Care in Port Saint Lucie, FL

As people get older, their bodies begin to age, too. One of the first body parts that withers and loses its strength is one’s knees. In fact, the demand for knee replacements from those ages 45-64 has tripled in the past 10 years to more than 254,000 in 2009. The knees are the largest joint in the body and unfortunately aging is one of the risk factors for developing knee pain. The knee is vulnerable to deterioration. One of the main causes of knee pain in seniors and older adults is osteoarthritis, which occurs when articular cartilage breaks down the knee. Osteoarthritis is one of the five leading causes of disability among elderly men and women. The chances of someone overweight developing osteoarthritis are very high and that is because the more you weight, the greater load your knees have to bear. The only way to shed some pounds is by eating healthy and exercising daily.

Seniors can get exception exercise at Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie, FL. The staff at Always Best Care accompany the seniors obtain the right amount of daily exercise. They are dedicated to helping the elderly men and women get into the best shape they can get even at their age. They are committed to being the seniors’ support and encouragement, so that they may continue to live their lives to the fullest.

Knee experts recommend these three types of exercises:

  1. Strengthening workouts – These workouts aid in preserving or improving muscle strength, which in turn will support and protect arthritic joints.
  2. Aerobic or endurance exercises – These types of exercises boost the heart function, enhance blood circulation, and help control weight. They can also help reduce swelling in some joints.
  3. Low-impact workouts – Low-impact workouts include activities such as swimming, stretching, and yoga. Quadriceps stretches, the forward bend, quadriceps lifts, and side leg rises are all great forms of low-impact workouts for elder adults.

You can get all of those exercises for your elderly loved ones at Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Always Best Care Senior Services values all of their residents’ overall health. They want their residents to continue to enjoy going out and performing regular exercises such as walking, stretching, completing breathing techniques, and other simple exercises. Always Best Care Senior Services in Port Saint Lucie, FL cares about motivating their residents every day.  If you are interested in knowing more about the fitness programs at the Always Best Care in Port Saint Lucie, FL, speak to a representative there by calling (772) 919-7315.