Senior Care and Healthy Living

Many people are genuinely worried about their elderly loved ones health. Those over the age of 65 often put on weight which can interfere with their ability to perform regular daily functions, like walking and dressing. Not only do elderly folks have a difficult time sitting and standing, many know that they are at a greater risk for diabetes and heart disease because of their obesity.

Unfortunately, elderly obesity is on the rise but dedicated elderly care professional can help with that. Elderly individuals who battle with obesity face a unique challenge, as they must cope with both excess weight gain and the many signs of aging that take shape as an individual grows older. For this reason, the approach used to maintain their weight is different from that used to help younger people shed excess pounds. While losing weight is important in maintaining health, and staving off diabetes and heart disease, medical professionals maintain that weight loss is essential for overweight seniors.

Due to the many illnesses that affect seniors and the effects of aging, many elderly individuals who suffer from obesity are unable to perform high intensity workouts that are geared toward weight loss. While younger generations may benefit from daily trips to the gym, elderly individuals should take a less intense and more targeted approach to weight loss.

If your elderly loved one is suffering from obesity, talk to their doctor to ensure that the appropriate approach to weight loss is maintained. Although obesity can lead to heart disease and diabetes, overworking the body can cause elderly individuals to become frail and may cause damage to their delicate systems. Contact the senior care professionals at Always Best Care Port St. Lucie today to learn more!